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Shenzhen Zhishan Medical Co., Ltd


Address: 201, workshop B, Tongzhou electronic Longgang plant, No.1, Baolong 5th Road, Baolong community, Baolong street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Website for EU: www.zhishan.eu

Email: info@zhishan.eu

If you are interested in a price quote, please contact our main EU supplier

Web: www.kentino.com

Address: Opletalova 20, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic. Warehouse address differs.

Phone: (+420) 739 482 696

Email: info@kentino.com

Kentino is a leading, global technology services company with decades of experience selling medical devices, computers and supplies and managing healthcare Information processes. Kentino Medical provides an easy way for organizations to purchase high quality medical equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers.