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If you are interested in a price quote for our products, please contact our main supplier for EU, Kentino International

Kentino is a leading, global technology services company with decades of experience selling medical devices, computers and supplies and managing healthcare Information processes. Kentino Medical provides an easy way for organizations to purchase high quality medical equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers.

Kentino International is an authorized dealer with several warehouses strategically placed across Europe. Because of this, they are able to ship your order within one business day. With Kentino being our main distributor, you are guaranteed to receive an authentic Zhishan™  product.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there is an enormous number of fraud attempts that abuse the reputation of large manufacturers. For this reason, we recommend that you only purchase from certified distributors, should you chose a product from our portfolio, or from a different leading manufacturer.

Get in touch with Kentino International

Inquiries and questions:  info@kentino.com

Service: servis@kentino.com

E-shop: sales@kentino.com

Front desk: (+420)792 480 835 /Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, English/

Wholesale and support:(+420)739 482 696 /Slovak, Czech, English/